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Building materials transport trailer

This tipper or platform trailer, whose side panels can be made of either aluminium or steel, is in great demand within the building materials market.

Tipping trailer with aluminium side panels

Platform trailer with aluminium side panels


Volume transport trailer

This multi-purpose tipping trailer, which finds applications primarily in companies active in the transport of agricultural products and waste transport, can be built with side profiles or flat side wall and a large number of extra features such as cover, universal back door, grain slides…

Dolly trailer

Large volume trailer


Machine transport trailor

This low or semi-low loader-trailer is used to transport all kinds of machines and vehicles and can come with a large number of extra features such as hydraulic or pneumatic drive-up ramps, guide rails for containers, aluminium side panels…

Dolly trailer low-loader

2-axle dolly trailer low-loader

2-axle trailer low-loader with aluminium side panels

3-axle trailer low-loader with hydraulic drive-up ramps

4-axle trailer low-loader with swan-neck.